FIDES | Promotick

FIDES is a State-of-the-art platform ideal to manage large loyalty programs.

Develops and manages frequent customer programs based on miles or points. Regionally used in industries such as: banking, airlines, telecommunication companies, hotel chains, etc.

Fides® allows you to set up in short term a complete loyalty program that combines redemption of miles for products and services, and the possibility to add a Benefits and Discount Club.

With Fides® you can show different versions of the program to each of your segments/clients. 100% customizable, dynamic and efficient.

Total integration, turnkey and ease of use.

FIDES manages and integrates every aspect of your program in one platform.

Your business:

  • Plan, design and manage.
  • Control and adjust your program in real time.
  • Obtain valuable information with customized reports.

Front-End development

  • Access from any device.
  • Customized design.
  • Simple and intuitive browsing.


  • Create micro segments by using relevant for your business.
  • Create customized catalogues with prizes ad hoc for each segment.
  • Interact with your target by using CRM incorporated tools.

Control each aspect of your program

  • Tracking of prizes redemption.
  • Real time transactions.
  • Customer support.
  • Stock of prizes.
  • Settlements and reconciliations.

Unlimited prizes

    Integration with unlimited sources of prizes and rewards:

  • Physical products, gift cards, discounts, flight tickets, tourist packages, entertainment, experiences, digital services and much more