Leave your loyalty and incentive program in our hands.

  • Miles and frequent customer program.
  • Sales incentives program.
  • Employee recognition program.
  • Discounts and benefits clubs.
  • Promotions for final customer and point of sale.
  • Electronic gift cards management.

We work with large companies in banking, insurance, airlines, technology, consumer goods and telecommuncation industries.


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Loyalty and benefits club, miles and prizes programs.

Sales channel

Incentive programs towards sales and achievement of commercial ratios.


Talent recognition programs and benefit clubs.


More than 20 years developing loyalty and incentives solutions for large regional brands allows us to offer effective and proven solutions.


We develop state-of-the-art technology and of great versatility. This allows us to manage programs for big companies and at the same time offer solutions of small businesses. We Desarrollamos tecnología de última generación y de gran versatilidad. Esto nos permite administrar programas para grandes empresas y a la vez brindar soluciones para pequeños negocios. Integramos soluciones online para entrega de premios y recompensas, descuentos y beneficios, control de entregas, administración de sistemas de millas. 100% digital, 100% App de usuarios, 100% integrados.


We take care of everything: purchase, storage and delivery of prizes nationwide in 10 countries of the region. On top of this, we offer a top level after-sale service.


We offer thousands of options from physical prizes, digital prizes, experiences, flight tickets, gift cards and everything your program needs so you can motivate and encourage loyalty effectively. Besides, we manage thousands of discounts and benefits through our commercial alliances network (discounts in restaurants, stores, medical establishments and all businesses in general) and offer new options permanently.


Our versatility and technology allows us to manage complex programs for large client data bases, and small programs with unique features too.


Our presence in 10 countries of the region makes us the most important loyalty operator in Latin America and the ideal partner for companies looking to expand their offer in this continent. All with only one specialist but fulfilling the specific needs in each market.

We build custom-made programs

We offer you multiple solutions so your programs are more successful.

Business Cases

Banco de Credito BCP - Millas Travel

BCP (Credit Bank of Peru) was looking to enhance its loyalty program for Visa and Amex credit card users. Promotick designed an incentive system complementary to the Miles program that was named DutyFree Travel. This new program allowed online and telephone redemptions of thousands of prizes in hand with Millas Travel and has been operative continuously for the last 15 years.

Banco de Credito BCP

Banco de Crédito BCP - Cuenta Sueldo

BCP needed to reformulate its value strategy for its clients receiving their salaries. With Promotick's expertise the Discounts and Benefits program "Cuenta Sueldo" ("Salary Account") was launched and very quickly became a pattern for all banks in the country. Today, Cuenta Sueldo is the most successful loyalty program related to salaries, as they earned an Effie prize due to the program's effectiveness and another prize for business creativity.

Shell lubricantes

In Peru, Shell was looking to increase its market share in lube-shops, improve visibility of their products and bring owners and employees of the business closer to the brand. We developed "Club Profesional Shell", an attractive incentives system that rewards the purchases and exhibition of their products with hundreds of prizes that allow the owners of the shops to improve their business.
Together with a relationship plan that included training, events and communication, "Club Profesional Shell" has contributed to strengthen their presence in the channel and has become a case of success in the region. Then it was replicated by Promotick in other Latin American countries.

Cervecería Quilmes Argentina

Quilmes was looking to strengthen its market share in the main bars and restaurants of the country so we developed a loyalty programs for the owners and employees. This program encourages different commercial variables such as purchase volume, mix of products, presence of POP (Point of Purchase) materials, among others.
More than 800 establishments participate in 7 different cities of the country. Promotick develops a platform where participants can interact, see their goals, progress, points earned and a complete online catalogue where they can redeem. Also, we manage an intensive plan of direct communication, field work and point of sale supervision.

Movistar Prix

It is the gratitude program towards Movistar customers: Cellphone (prepaid/postpaid services) and Home (home phone, internet and cable).
Promotick and Movistar work together to conceptualize, develop and implement this ambitious project, that offers an integrative platform of discounts and unique experiences in many categories such as entertainment, restaurants, home, culture, education, health, among others. All of this in one powerful mobile app. Currently, Movistar Prix is the biggest loyalty program in the region, with more than 2 million active users.


Procter & Gamble needed to reduce its distributors sales force turnover and improve the relation with the brand. We made a research study y found there were opportunities to improve these ratios so we developed the program "Campeones P&G" (Champions P&G) based on three pillars: Training, achievement rewards and communication. The program has a responsive web that allows to participant to access the benefits, see the progress of achievements and redeem prizes. Besides, we develop integration activities, training, relationship and direct communication.

Membership Rewards

This is the rewards international program for American Express credit card that Promotick administers for Banco Guayaquil from Ecuador. The platform allows the user to earn miles for every dollar spent. Miles can be redeemed on the web or by calling the call center. The program is 12 years old of permanent success and has a catalogue with more than 1,000 available prizes in many categories such as technology, perfumes, home, liquors among others. The service offered is 360° back office and user platform, communication actions, logistics of the prizes, call center and after sales service.


The objective was to create a loyalty plan for the supervisors and sales forces of its authorized distributors. Promotick designed the "Club de Energía" ("Energy Club") which encourages them to earn points by achieving sales goals.
Points can be redeemed on the web page where the participant has a catalogue with more than 500 options of Gift Cards, home products, toys, perfumes, technology among others. The participant chooses his prize which will later be delivered by us to the chosen address free of charge. The program is 2 years old of continuous success and it is managed by Promotick in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador.

Exito con esquina

Nestle - Exito con Esquina

This program was built with the objective of bringing the brand closer to the owners of the small grocery stores and give them access to tools that will encourage the growth of their business and a better exhibition of Nestle's products.
We designed a program that was focused strategically on the direct training of the shopkeeper, supported by trainers, audiovisual tools and educational materials from different topics such as administration, sales and marketing. Training occurs inside the store and lasts up to 15 minutes. As an added value, we developed a discounts and benefits platform, attractive for their business and their families. The communication is based on social media and direct communication using videos, posts, whatsapp messages and others.

Diageo Chile

Diageo was looking to strengthen the relation and productivity of the sales force from the main distributors. Promotick develops "Mundo Diageo" ("Diageo World"), an online program that allows the sellers to earn points by achieving certain goals and redeem them on a catalogue with around 100 customized products.
This program relies on direct communication such as mailing, emailing, social media. This way Diageo builds an integrative and direct interaction with the participants, and accomplished higher levels of sales.